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Malaysian, is the founder of DKT Engineering Sdn Bhd who was set up and manage the company since it’s incorporation in August 2011 as DKT Fabrication. A man who was born and raised in a village without any higher education or certification from university, now he became one of a successful businessman in the mechanical engineering firm. He was fully developed with the experiences and communication skills by connecting with higher management and senior directors from Proton, KYB Corporation, Perodua, TKH Group and some other international companies. He began his career with YTL Cement Perak-Hanjoong Simen Sdn Bhd as a vendor. Mr. Davindran’s deep experience in a related field was a keystone of building his own company known as DKT Engineering Sdn Bhd which offers various mechanical engineering-related fabrication, supplies, erection and project basis services. Currently, as a founder, he seeks to make DKT Engineering Sdn Bhd as an international company that serves Power and Energy, Oil and Gas companies such as General Electric and Schlumberger. Meanwhile, the company also specialized in developing and supporting tool center to give parallelity to quality and efficiency.